Affiliate / Agent Guideline

Your earnings, is the cornerstone of our progress:

     Popular front with you, is not a simple consignment supplier relationships, and more willing to be your good business partner. Popular front allows you to easily achieve your entrepreneurial dreams with minimum investment, minimum risk. We will be most suitable for all Affiliate Member of the supply of the best quality goods, so you occupy a greater advantage in the fierce competition in the market, better sales performance. At the same time, we provide better and stricter management and services. Whether it is more than a small amount of orders, we will be the team with a copy of your responsibility and enthusiasm to work with you to complete every order and each customer recognition and praise!

Affiliate/Agent specific steps:

1. Register as a Affiliate Member;

2.Distributed to your shop address or Facebook customer service audit;

3. Through our audit, customer service will activate your permission, without any other fees (free of charge);

4.1 Method 1, go to download product photos and information, the agent to modify their products according to their own preferences or market trends, the real opening a personality of their own shop, all products will be 10% of the wholesale price discount. This method, you need to the customer receivables and payment to us, we will help you to deliver goods to your customers.

4.2 Methods 2, paste our official website link to your customers and friends, when your customers or friends buy at our official website,our system will automatically calculate the 10% commission gold to you, you can always go to your Affiliate account to check your account balance & status.


Affiliate / Agent Control Panel

Example of HTML Tracking Code, copy & paste to your website:

<a href=" TRACKING ID HERE"><img src="" /></a>


<a href=" TRACKING ID HERE"><img src="" /></a>

Quality control instructions and allotted cargo processes:

Clothing of Quality Supervision, Inspection Description: clothing before leaving the factory have done a rigorous quality inspection, there can be very exaggerated quality problems, wrinkles, style wired head of a small part of the individual quality of clothes (such as a small hole in a small piece dyeing) inevitable, the goods before the issue to try to solve these problems, we will once again conduct a comprehensive quality control, some models have been equipped with the physical picture, our agent can rest assured that the consignment.

The site allotted cargo flow: Every day (except Saturday and Sunday) orders before 13:00 in principle can be issued the same day. Probably 3-7 days can be sent to you or your customer.

Individual backorders Description:
Style very much individual style stock inevitable, such as in case of shortage, we will give you as soon as possible replenishment (usually 1-2 days), please customer service agents do not questioned, we can understand your feelings, we are also very anxious, to say better to do more, out of stock and we also emergency to think of a way, at the same time, you can also think of a way, after all, so only a small minority. Experienced agent understands the reason: its quarrel with why out of stock, not as much time to think of a way to the other side point. Out of stock, although we are at fault, but please understand our work.

We will handle for you from starting update website/products until ship order to your customer.


※ our advantage:
(1). Comprehensive cooperation with hundreds of high-quality clothing manufacturers at the same time ensure the quality of goods and supply inventory;
(2) professional database library and pictures outside the chain, so you sell goods more professional, more trustworthy;
(3) a starting behalf of the consignor, the real low-cost venture, no inventory, your worries!
(4) rapid response, quick delivery, powerful inventory support to ensure the speed of your delivery.
(5) improve the service and the team. Is a solid guarantee for you and your customers!

※ online shopping Agent conditions:

(1) with the lawful operation of an independent shop / website / facebook.
(2) to ensure timely shelves when the merchandise is updated and compliance with the agreement.
(3) to understand and have a shop / website operators and sales ability and experience.


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