DoDoRa areola matte finish of the essence.! Pure plant! Melanin! Matte finish areola! Repair chapped lips, underarms, elbows, private office! Fragrance lasting more charming! ! ♥ melanin ♥ pure vegetable extracts, matte finish the areola ♥ repairing chapped lips, long-lasting moisturizing ♥ nourish muddy: underarms, elbows, private office ♥ bonus perfumed cream flavor lasting more charming ✿ release deep natural beauty skin should not only be a sexy woman ✿ mild stimulation of pure plant extracts, not to hurt the sensitive muscle maintenance for the place to be seen by others, private and sensitive parts need more attentive care! Muddy dry ✘ ✔ areola the matte finish Peach muscle, lips care maintenance tetralogy ➜ Aqua moisturizing ➜ long-lasting moisture the ➜ deep repair ➜ play down the muddy ✿ dream come true to rosy matte finish moisturizing ✿ stick with slowly see the effect, and gradually reduce the areola color, Reply matte finish color, to increase bud smooth and elastic. 1 to 2 times a day, is recommended after bathing, the best used at night. How to use: Apply evenly after bathing, gentle to be absorbed. United States can not be only for the surface of the effort, the United States is from the inside out to give the most attentive care for the most intimate parts of a woman, has maintained the girl unique drops flush Oh! Areola, lips care maintenance tetralogy: Addict moisturizing → long-lasting moisturizing → deep repair → play down the muddy mild stimulation of pure botanical extracts, not to hurt the sensitive skin need only one group can make dull OUT! Bloom own small woman sexy charm. ◆ value for money! Only need a group can make dull OUT! ◆ ◆ desalination muddy site maintenance the fragile areola ◆ repair chapped lips peach-like fresh dripping bud. Whitening, and not just for the place to be seen by others, private and sensitive parts need more attentive care! More sensitive and fragile skin of the areola area, the clothes friction often result in dull, dry areola! DoDoRa pink peach areola essence not only save the areola dull, but also can be used as a daily basic maintenance! Used after bathing the rose bud Cream gradually fade areola color, and prolonged use can slowly return to the original natural matte finish color, and increase the bud smooth and elastic. For damaged lips the, DoDoRa peach essence the same way! Moisturizing cream texture with excellent moisturizing and repair effect, sooner or later face clean after the lips, add a layer of lips immediately supple shiny. Go out to use just to smear lip gloss, and be able to extend the moisturizing time, the moment has perfect lips sparkling water sense! Mild stimulation of the pure botanical extracts, not to hurt the sensitive skin can also be used for other more dull skin, such as: armpit, elbow ... so every inch of the skin smooth and supple, showing a healthy and natural complexion! Guaranteed authentic

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Areola matte finish and privacy at the essence, We want PINK nipple & pussy

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