• [Pulse wishful massager] seven frequency / free to bend
Transparent body color, clearly see the implication of each component, and it makes you more relaxed together! Overall consists of three parts, the front-end for a long 6cm, 2cm in diameter oblong transparent shock eggs, imported advanced medical non-toxic polymer materials manufactured by, smooth feel comfortable inside and outside Yun love. Central is a strong spring, from the end to the transmission of vibration frequency vibration eggs more changes, what kind of angle, attitude, want to have on how to swing! The end of the handle part, silhouetted against the vibrating egg, end matched, also uses a transparent frame, so that you see at a glance which every action for your service. Trisomy joint combined into the perfect sex toys, not only massaging your sensitive place, but also let you enter this trip worthwhile yo! Allows you to arbitrary pleasure to feel different directions! Allow a clear view to see every cable, connect your passion as strings, so you high, makes you enjoy that sweet moment!
[Effect] The apparatus according to the medical bionics, through massage, tremor and other functions massage sensitive areas, stimulating the local nerves, promote blood circulation and endocrine regulation, health masturbation, enjoy high quality of life.
[Usage] before use, apply a small amount of lubricant, with condom use better. According to the battery box icon bottles and batteries. The appliance gently inserted into the vagina, the battery box on the knob to adjust the rotation apparatus, vibration intensity and amplitude until you feel comfortable so far.
[Specification] front-end for a long 6cm, 2cm in diameter oblong transparent shock eggs, central to a strong spring, the end of the handle portion.
[Ingredients] import advanced medical non-toxic polymer materials.
[Special Note] The apparatus for use between lovers, pay attention to hygiene before and after use.

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[Pulse wishful massager] seven frequency / free to bend

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