• G-spot stimulation clitoral orgasm Squirt earthquake Wands

This pleasure you'll want it? G spot Squirt refers to the use of ergonomic analogue of human

Designed to stimulate the female G finger point design, canopy brush head with multiple massage particles,

Looking for Women can be 360 ​​degrees and stimulate the G-spot zone Mixue, clitoris brush

Surface dense brush soft buds mad clitoris, no honey dogged! So you have a high

What ~ shock wave stick? Not enough stimulation? Coupled with the strong and the power to force the shock

Can, you do not have difficulty orgasm!

Cute, powerful, and with it a cinch Squirt!

(This product is not original distribution of batteries, batteries not included, just a 5 batteries are sold in any shop.)

Highlights a lot, a lot of stimulation, want to try the clitoris, G spot pleasure of parents who may wish to


Try Oh!

[Highlights] adopted a green medical TPR soft material, soft freely deformed, cater to different physiological structure Women

Highlights [two] three powertrain column: 99 percent of the motor power can be transmitted to the plastic caps

[Three] G nod section highlights up to 37 contacts, the greater the contact surface, when climax, easy move bits, while the top of many particle distribution, and enhance the massage!

Highlights [four] bulk soft spines play more strongly stimulated (stimulation site 100% waterproof design)

[Highlights 5] refers to the G-spot and clitoral stimulation Squirt brush two styles available, abundant sex life!



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G-spot stimulation clitoral orgasm Squirt earthquake Wands

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