• Butterfly Starp on vaginal anal double shock - Wireless remote control / super silent

Unique artistic charm, turned the stream of beautiful inspiration. Crystal clear lovely shape is inspired by the Incarnation, make your life colorful ......

This is the only special jade butterfly, born to love women's specific parts of the honey harvest, it is very hard and sinewy body; using advanced medical non-toxic soft refined, the front end of the simulation design (length 5cm, width 7cm, center Vibrators wide 3cm); raised mouth and cocked the little tail, can women caress sensitive areas around the lovely remote exquisite jade crystal butterfly long as the length of an index finger, but many rough transparent emulation penis, head and tail are bent into a hook, just touch the clitoris at the head, the tail against the anus, women's three sensitive areas at the same time get pleasure. Feel and texture approximation, softer, more flexible, all-in more convenient.

Exquisite jade crystal butterfly's body wrapped in a small vibrator, and super unique convex tablets to stimulate the clitoris, the film's shock butterfly eggs conveys its passion, so that the shape of the little man looks at the secret fun! Just like wearing underwear as put it on, that is able to understand one taste, guarantee food for thought.


Crystal-like crystal clear, can stimulate the sensitive parts of the body of the product, now let exquisite jade crystal butterfly remote control to help you achieve this dream. His personal care, so you always feel happy as a woman's pleasure. Wearable (transparent invisible Garments), using lacing design, can be worn securely tied to the body, at ease. Equipped with a powerful internal oscillator, producing up to 11,000 / min ultra-high frequency oscillations, but also quiet design Oh! Transparent material, simulation small penis can enhance your pleasure. Full massage sensitive parts of women. Passion from outside to inside, to fully meet the needs of a full range of remote control vibration female meet the needs of more convenient. Climax hand hold grip, feel free to enjoy the infinite pleasure. Exquisite jade crystal butterfly remote control, the new design is more user-friendly, this product modeling beautiful appearance attractive movement. With lace for wear, women can be strapped thigh heel, free to control the pumping fork depth of the vagina deep massage, accelerate blood circulation, stimulate orgasm, endocrine regulation, to physical therapy, masturbation 

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Butterfly Starp on vaginal anal double shock - Wireless remote control / super silent

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