7 speed of adjustment rotary mode, super soft material, adsorption more firmly. Beautiful and powerful, material quality. But also very suitable for flirting with room beforehand. Stimulate the female nipples and breasts, evoke a strong desire of women.

[Function] prevention of nipple depression, massage the breast, increase blood circulation, prevent breast hyperplasia; seven frequency rotation, more exciting; stronger, more delicate, more in place; 7 different rotation mode

【Features】 lightweight body, soft cushion wrapped around its head, arbitrary rotation speed adjustment, to stimulate your desire for multiple progressive; whether it is above the high-elastic double peak, or tenderness of love to the Department , Are extraordinary impact! Strong and comfortable and quiet micro-motor vibration to stimulate men and women to stimulate and stimulate female-sensitive parts of the female frigidity, lack of climax, such as a better supporting role

【Indications】 breast nipple breast hyperplasia breast head decreased sensitivity of the two asymmetric milk, the size of dysplasia This is a special nipple stimulator to provide you with unimaginable pleasure.If feel too strong, with lubricants or Massage oil used.

【Uses】 increase breast pump vibration to enhance blood circulation. Increase the nutritional supply of the breast 7 different rotation patterns. Super stimulus, provoke your lust, and promote breast growth, but also massage the treatment of some breast disease. For you, it can be described as N in one fell swoop, and the previous breast pump compared to this product after special treatment, more space, any breast can be firmly sucked.

【Ingredients】 imports of advanced non-toxic materials

【Specification】 suction cup diameter 10cm

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Breast massage cup - nipple stimulation / breast enlargement

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